Monofloral Organic Raw Honey by Lari

Artisanal beekeepers

Between LARI and the bees, it is a love story which started many years ago…

the team

LARI is also a group of Mauritian and Malagasy beekeepers who evolve in the respect of their environment, nurturing bees with passion and humility in a world that moves at a tremendous pace.

Letchi Raw Monofloral Organic Honey 500g
Baobab Raw Monofloral Organic Honey 500g
Eucalyptus Raw Monofloral Organic Honey 500g

in the kitchen

Uses of raw honey

From grilling to roasting, honey can be used with just about any cooking method, and it can be used in recipes served either hot or cold. Replace sugar with equal parts honey in your favorite muffin recipe – the silky texture helps keep baked goods moist.

The word ”honey” remains a magic one that transcends time…

Your Beekeeper, Lari.

Welcome to Lari Honey

Interesting facts

The Beekeeper

Founded in 2006, Lari Honey currently manages over 3000 colonies housed on the land of Madagascar. We bring to the table a premium and superior product from the malagasy hives that is predominantly made from the nectar and pollen of a single flower (70% or more). Our entire range is bottled by hand in a sustainable fashion in Mauritius Island.

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