Lari's Hive

Between LARI and the bees, it is a love story which started many years ago. Being a beekeeper always attracts attention and respect.

The word ”honey” remains a magic one that transcends time.

We often forget that a swarm of bees along with its queen does not need men, but quite the contrary. With great humility, the beekeeper must learn to listen to the bees which are perpetually at work. Only through this special pact between man and animal can we claim to bring into existence noble honey.

LARI, in addition to being the brand name of our products, is also the name of our beekeeper, so called by his customers.

LARI is also a group of Mauritian and Malagasy beekeepers who evolve in the respect of their environment, nurturing bees with passion and humility in a world that moves at a tremendous pace.

Madagascar is one of those few countries where honey can lay claim to excellence by being artisanal, organic and monofloral in essence, thanks to it’s vast expanses of land devoid of industrial products.