Permits and


Bees are recognized worldwide as belonging to the animal category. With this label, all products from the hives are subject to very strict analysis under the watchful eye of the importing country’s veterinarians; in the same way as an animal product / by-product is analysed.

 Lari honeys from the LARIBEES / SOCOPA apiaries of Madagascar receive a registration number, submitted by the requesting country (in this case Mauritius), to follow their maturation process and packaging under my responsibility, before any local or international delivery. This number follows your honeys as a batch from the hive to distributors for audit purposes. 

Regulated by MS133 HACCP (part1) & (part2) certification to the customer. 

This allows LARIBEES to be recognized for its good practice. I therefore, invite you to check at the back of your labels your IP (import permit) reference giving access to all documents and facts related to your product, and its traceability. You will know everything about the produce that you hold between your hands.


To clarify, and facilitate your research, since May 2019 all our labels are provided with a registration number “IP”. This number will allow you in one click to view all the documents which ensure the origin and quality of the honey in your possession.