Do you know how bees make honey?

Do you know how bees make honey?

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Though very small, a bee is a very intricate animal, wondrously made. It possesses a very mobile head with a brain, 2 saliva glands, and 2 antennas which she uses to communicate, to find its way in the dark, to feel the temperature and vibrations around, and to smell the perfume of flowers.

How does a worker bee make honey? After they suck nectar from flowers, the bees store it in their special stomach. These nectar ‘sacs’, once full, are transferred back to the hive, where indoor bees await to receive it. This happens through a mouthto-mouth process which is called ‘regurgitation’. The liquid honey is stored and simultaneously loses most of its moisture through evaporation (which occurs though the flapping of wings).

Once stored in their chambers, the nectar becomes honey.

Have you ever observed worker bees when they forage on flowers or when they fly back to their hive? What have you witnessed?