Executive Chef
Rozel Philipe

Born in 1969


At the age of 16, Philippe returns in a big way to François Clerc, two macaroons to the Michelin. He continues with prestigious addresses in London, Neuchâtel, Hong Kong and Djeddha, through Lyon at Jean-Paul Lacombe. He discovered Asian cuisine during a long journey between China, Thailand, India, Nepal and Vietnam. He learns Creole dishes in Seychelles before settling in Mauritius, a destination in the heart of every continent and every culinary influence. After four years spent behind the furnaces of a five star hotel in Bel Ombre, he opened “Chez Philippe, Flavors, trends and traditions”, boutique, catering, delicatessen. He also gives cooking classes and offers a home Chef service.


I like baobab honey. The balance is perfect with many products and really excellent with a pan-fried foie gras for example!



On a flank of pumpkin, half-cooked tuna with Togaraschi and rosewood honey. Espuma (mousse) sweet potato (sweet sour) and yoghurt (tangy touch). According to him, Rosewood honey is powerful enough to compete with Togaraschi (Japanese Espelette pepper: seaweed, sesame, chilli). The balance is perfect thanks to a previously prepared marinade, which makes it possible to distinctly dissociate the taste of the two.