One day, a chef told me “Honey is the palette of the painter but with the taste and more”. Ambassador of bees for many years, I was sensitive to these words. I travel the roads of Madagascar and my country, Mauritius, with my pilgrim’s staff, to promote their nectar. Passionate beekeeper, I put my smoker in Madagascar thanks to my partner and friend, who believes in this natural heritage.

It is through the culinary world that I pass my message to show that beauty can also come from the smallest to do great things. Today, in this activity, I cannot talk about myself as a leading actor because this passion brings together so many wonderful people who, like me, want to see the planet protected.

I therefore dedicate this site to the Malagasy people who are very attached to its traditions, the jobs of the mouth that make us dream and the bees who alert us to the dangers and challenges ahead. This site is for everyone who appreciates the pleasures of the table and believe in the exceptional gifts of Mother Nature.

Your beekeeper.


Christian Ritter

(Alias Lari)


Owner of Laribees, Sales and Marketing Manager. His fault: does not like sitting behind his desk.
If he receives a customer or meets a beekeeper … the world can stop it’s not his problem.
Fortunately, Aurélie is not far!!!


Owner of Laribees, he is responsible for the management of apiaries in Mauritius.
His fault: Is always with his bees, which makes him squeak more than one.
On its own, it represents 70% of the initiation of the country’s current beekeepers.
Thank you Mr. Lafrance!

Michaël Lafrance

Nicolas Mac Arthur (1)


Is the handyman of Laribees. He began freelancing for building maintenance in 2011 and joined the team in 2014. His strength: Work a lot and make it a point to complete any work despite his disability in his hand. It is even more effective than a “normal” person. He landed his road permit at the end of 2015 to be today a driver / delivery man across the island.


Took office in 2014 in production. Today, called “the boss”, she is production coordinator and manager of Laribees Maurice. She was not cold blooded by incorporating all HCCP certification measures into Laribees. His Trump: Do not be afraid to slap on the director’s fingers “Lari” if he does not follow company procedures.

Aurélie Léonce

Véronique Agathin


Véronique Agathin, production manager. The little news of the team arrived in early 2018. She took in hand the washing and filling pots, not to mention the monitoring of the maturation of honey. Her asset: She runs in all directions, does not like to lower the guard.


Located on the central plateau of the high islands. Receive his loyal or curious clientele in a warm and friendly environment around a cup of tea for those who are in no hurry. If Lari is not there, La Patronne des lieux Aurélie or Véronique will be happy to welcome you.