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This honey is known for its anti-bacterial properties. It contains vitamins, iron, amino acids and minerals. Most of the therapeutic properties of the honey plants are transmitted to the flowers and hence to their nectar. Niaouli honey has characteristics similar to those of the Eucalyptus, is more delicate and less irritating. Radio protector, local application in anticancer treatments. It appears that this honey can be applied on areas irradiated in the case of cancer radiotherapy. Niaouli honey is rich in vitamin C. It promotes the resistance of the blood vessels, reduces the blood pressure and regenerates the cells of the body. Goes very well with fish and chicken dishes, not to mention desserts and tea.

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Light brown to dark brown, red variant


Fine consistency, viscous liquid state in general


Strong to very strong flower perfume


South East of Madagascar


Mono-floral honey as its name indicates comes from a single variety of flowers (at 70%). As the bees are working within a radius of 6 to 8 km, the beekeeper must ensure their hives are placed near the particular flower. Nowadays, only a few countries can claim the appellation. From a medicinal point of view, the mono-floral honey is undoubtedly richer in vitamins and minerals than a multi-flowers honey.