Laribees HoneyAs the world is facing one of its greatest challenges with the unsuspected visit of an unprobable guest (Covid 19), let us take some time to ponder on what really matters to us. Someone rightly said that ” in the midst of loneliness, you only hear what’s essential. ” – Camille Belguise. Though loneliness in this quote seems to be voluntary, confinement is imposed. However, let us see the other side of the coin. We can choose to take this time to grow, practice self-care and nurture our bodies. Let’s focus on an area that we often neglect – our health.

Some Historical Facts

In ancient Egypt, pots with drawings of beehives, bees and beekeepers have been found in Pharaoh’s temple. Some of these drawings were even engraved on the Kings’ tombs.

In Persia, as part of their purification rituals, priests would put honey on their tongues and hands.

In ancient Greece, the dead body of Alexander the Great was embalmed in honey, a symbol of endurance in life as in death for their hero.

For the Hebrew people, honey symbolizes freedom and abundance in the new-found land.

If these ancient civilizations has understood the wondrous value of the Golden elixir, let us, once again, try to bring its multiple properties to the light.

The Bees

There are around 20.000 species of bees in the world. A bee has a very mobile head. It possesses a brain, 2 saliva glands, and 2 antennas with which she communicates, finds its way in the dark, feels the temperature around it, smells the perfume of trees and flowers, and feels vibrations.

How Is It Made

To make 1 pound of honey, a hive of bees has to travel more than 80.000 Km and visit 2 million flowers. Just in a single day, a bee alone can visit as much as 5000 flowers or plants.

Honey starts when bees collect tree and flower nectars. These nectars get broken down into sugars, which are stored by the bees in the honeycombs. They design the honeycombs by fanning it with their wings. This process causes evaporation. When the humidity progressively evaporates, the remaining liquid which starts to solidify becomes honey.

Monofloral Raw Honey

Honeys can be classified into 2 broad categories : monofloral (only one plant), and polyfloral (many plants). Monofloral honey comes from bees which feed from only one main plant. They tend to take the medicinal properties of the plant that they feed on (see our product description page which gives more details about the monofloral honeys that are produced at Laribees). Besides, raw honey is not pasteurized and unfiltered.

Medicinal Properties

Having been used in medecine for over 5000 years, honey is reputed for:

  • Its great source of antioxidants
  • Its antibacterial and anti fungal properties
  • It’s wound healing capabilities
  • Helping with digestion
  • Helping with coughs and colds

Visit the following page to discover the multiple properties of honey.

A Simple Way Of Enjoying Honey Daily During This Confinement Period

To boost your immune system , here’s Lari’s advice : Have a hot cup of green tea, in which you can add a few drops of lemon. Add in a teaspoon of our mono floral LITCHI HONEY (made up of 70% of the plant’s nectar). Now do this every morning and note the difference in a few days!!

Jennifer Blackburn | Author