Florence Guillemain,
Photographer and Journalist.


Born in 1971 at Concarneau, France She grew up in a landscape dominated by granites and sprays somewhere in the South of Bretagne,France. It is in this décor merging both the sky and the sea together as one that Florence Guillemain did her first steps as a photographer. Years later she completes her diploma at L’ecole de photo de l’ETPA at Toulouse. An internship in Photojournalism at L’EMI-CFD sets off her career as independent photographer which allowed her to address several themes pour the press magazines (Le Nouvel Observateur, Avantages, l’Infirmière Magazine, Paris Mômes, La Vie, 20 minutes….). Passionate about social matters, Florence is above all a polyvalent woman who is capable of working on multiple projects ranging in the hospitality industry, making sightings for 5 star hotels or shoot portraits for a celebrity magazine for women. Based in Mauritius for 15 years she has had the chance to collaborate with different local magazines (Islander, Sundays, People…)or Réunionnais(Eat), doing photoshoots for hotels, private societies… and even write articles. Always ready to carry out culinary subjects, local products are in her eyes cultural values which are not only healthy but also specific to each country which must be preserved and which make their identity. Florence has followed Laribees from the beginning and has always supported and admired the team’s initiatives. The ongoing collaboration with some photos or articles you will discover in this blog will help you to know more about the wonderful world of bees and honey.