Diane Desmarais, Nutritionist.


Born in 1976 at Curepipe, Mauritius after having completed her French Baccalaureate in Litterature and pursued her studies in Marketing in London where naturally came her ambition to begin her career in nutrition. She was attracted by nutrition, health and feels deeply concerned by impact caused on nature and animals. She obtained a nutritionist diploma and practitioner in holistic health. Her aim is to help people by access preventive and curative nutrition while taking in consideration their mental and physical well-being. This young women practices privately since 2005 and also delivers online coaching. She has a lifestyle, which is based upon the knowledge she has acquired, and practices upon it daily. She has a specific goal to which influencing those people who books her for an appointment to suit them with a simple and healthy life in a healthy environment with the quality of the food and the quality of air , water and the soil accordingly good. She has shown her support against the harm caused in the meat industry by abstaining herself from any from of meat ingestion since 1997. During this time she has learn to concoct colorful attractive and nourishing vegetarian dishes. Her family has followed her nutritive diet effectively. Moreover her husband is a passionate amateur of apiculture and knows the work, engagement and love, which is worth putting by the bees when they harness raw and organic honey. It is essential to understand the needs of your body and recognize the food that will keep you well. Food that are processed and transformed in big factories should be avoided. Diane has made her best to bring awareness to consumers on their choice they make when buying food. She partnered herself with people who has approached her and offered her organic, raw and natural food, which is environmentally –friendly. This partnership has proved to be pleasing her along with Laribees philosophy with their environmentally friendly products.- Their containers are recorded and can be recycled and used again. “Your body is a temple.” The temple deserves to be pure, simple and beautiful to shelter great energy. A famous chinese proverb puts this idea in context by saying “Take care of your body so as for your soul wishes to live”.