In zebu, horn is made in Madagascar by Mr Dimbitsao and Mrs Olga. Dimbitsao’s parents were in the craft industry, they worked the zebu horn. After a baccalaureate and university correspondence studies. He dropped out of school and started making crafts like his parents. He welcomes this manual work as a gift from his family. A few years later, he goes to work in a free zone. That’s when he meets his wife Olga, she is also in a free zone. In 2002, they decide to leave their jobs following the crisis in Madagascar. Then they come back to the craft industry, him to the production, she to the sale. He masters the material perfectly, but he lacks material to be completely satisfied. Three people help him according to the orders. Two industrial engines are running but it is the wheel that changes as needed. Their customers remain Malagasy and their products are highly appreciated by travellers.